Vision Pro Development

When the rumours of the Apple Vision Pro began, I started to get interested in offering one of the very first apps for this new platform. As preparation for the visionOS SDK, I started to implement an Augmented Reality for one of my games Ploppy Pairs to make myself familiar with Apple’s RealityKit and ARKit. By refreshing my knowledge about vertices, matrices, local space, world space, the entity component system and more, I managed to finish a fully playable AR version of the game. Even though the ARKit of visionOS is different from the ARKit for iOS, the RealityKit is luckily the same – therefore, I could reuse my previous implemented RealityKit code parts, leading to a finished native visionOS version of the game a few weeks after the release of the visionOS SDK. As on all the other platforms, the game supports the same feature set on Vision Pro, like SharePlay and VoiceOver.

Later on I was accepted for the developer labs and had to chance to test my own app on a Vision Pro as one of the first developers worldwide. After minor needed adaptions the game was finished and I could work on another native visionOS version for one of my other games Where is Ploppy?.


As I am always interested in latest Apple technologies, I will still keep working on new projects for the Vision Pro. Since the hardware is still quite new, I am more than happy to exchange my knowledge with others and learn from each other. If you are interested in getting your own native visionOS app and need help with the development or have any other questions about this new platform feel free to reach out to me!

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